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Taxi Travel

Taxis can be hailed on the street, but if you need to make an appointment (e.g., for an early-morning airport run) or if you’re in a residential neighborhood, it's necessary to call ahead. Taxi stands are rare and usually only at hotels and at the airport.

Taxi fares are C$4.25 for the first 0.143 km and C25¢ for each 31 seconds not in motion and for each additional 0.143 kilometers. A C$0.25 surcharge is added for each passenger in excess of four. The average fare to take a cab across downtown is C$8–C$9, plus a roughly 15% tip, when the traffic is flowing normally. The largest companies are Beck, Co-op, Diamond, Metro, and Royal.

Call 416/829–4222 to be connected to one of many taxi companies for free via an automated system.

Taxi Companies

Beck (416/751–5555 or 877/883–2325.

Co-op (416/504–2667 or 877/471–4023.

Diamond (416/366–6868.

Metro (416/504–8294.)

Royal (416/777–9222.


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