Puerto Rico uses the U.S. postal system, and all addresses on the island have ZIP codes. The rates to send letters and postcards from Puerto Rico are the same as those everywhere else in the United States.

Shipping Packages

Many shops—particularly those in Old San Juan and Condado—will ship purchases for you. Shipping services are especially common at art galleries. Pay by credit card, and save your receipts. Make sure the proprietor insures the package against loss or damage and ships it first-class or by courier. Grab a business card with the proprietor's name and phone number so you can readily follow up with him or her if needed.

Post offices in major Puerto Rican cities offer express mail (next-day) service to the U.S. mainland and to Puerto Rican destinations. In addition, you can send packages via FedEx or UPS. Ask at the concierge desk at your hotel; most have regular courier pickups or can call for one. Hotels that offer business services will take care of the entire process for you. Note that courier delivery and pickup is not available on Saturday, and even "overnight" packages often take two to three days to reach the U.S. mainland.

Express Services

FedEx. 800/463–3339;



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