Getting Here

Most of the action in Toronto happens between just north of Bloor and south to the waterfront and from High Park in the west to the Beach in the east. It's easy to get around this area via subway, streetcar, and bus. Service is frequent.

Yonge Street (pronounced "young") is the official dividing line between east and west streets. It's a north–south street that stretches from the waterfront up through the city. Street numbers increase heading away from Yonge in either direction. North–south street numbers increase heading north from the lake.

Navigating Toronto

The CN Tower can be seen from most anywhere in the city except on very cloudy days. Remember its location (Front and John streets) to get your bearings.

Lake Ontario is the ultimate landmark. It's always south, no matter where you are.

The subway is the fastest way to get around. Stay at a hotel near a subway line to make navigating the city easier.

The streetcar and bus signs can be easy to miss. Look for the red, white, and blue signs with a black streetcar picture on electrical poles near street corners every five blocks or so along the route.


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