In British Columbia you can buy stamps at the post office or from many retail outlets and some newsstands. If you're sending mail to or within Canada, be sure to include the postal code (six digits and letters). Note that the suite number often appears before the street number in an address, followed by a hyphen. The postal abbreviation for British Columbia is BC.

Within Canada, postcards and letters cost C$1 for a single stamp (C$.85 if purchased in a booklet of 10 stamps) for up to 30 grams, C$1.20 for between 31 and 50 grams, and C$1.80 for between 51 and 100 grams. Letters and postcards to the United States cost C$1.20 for up to 30 grams, C$1.89 for between 31 and 50 grams, and C$2.95 for up to 100 grams.

International mail and postcards are C$2.50 for up to 30 grams, C$3.60 for between 31 and 50 grams, and C$5.90 for between 51 and 100 grams.

Post Office

Canada Post. Bentall Centre, 595 Burrard St., Downtown, Vancouver, British Columbia, V7X 1A0. 866/607–6301;

Shipping Packages

Small packages can be sent via the Small Packets service offered by Canada Post. Rates are determined by weight, size, and method of delivery. You can also use DHL, UPS, or FedEx, or the Canadian shipping companies ICS and Purolator.

Express Services

DHL. 855/345–7447;

FedEx. 800/463–3339;

ICS Courier. 888/427–8729;

Purolator. 888/744–7123;

UPS. 800/742–5877;


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