These 8 Places in America STILL Dont Have Safe Drinking Water

Millions don’t have access to clean water.

Have you ever turned on the tap and watched brown, sludgy water coming out of the faucet? The residents of Flint, Michigan, faced the ordeal back in 2014 when lead from corroded, aging water pipes leaked into the drinking supply. It got a lot of media attention, but it’s far from being a one-off case. Many communities in the U.S. are facing such water crises—their supplies are contaminated with arsenic, lead, and chemicals. In fact, a study published in 2018 revealed that from 1982-2015, 9-45 million people got water from a source that violated the Safe Drinking Water Act. The lack of access to clean water disproportionately affects minorities and lower-income groups. These are the people who are unable to keep the water running in their homes when the bills go up and they can’t afford to buy bottles of water when the tap runs dry. INSIDER TIPIf you notice a fishy smell or metallic taste from tap water, get it tested by a state-certified laboratory and file a complaint with your public water system company.  

12 Ways to Have Incredible Date Nights at Disney

These date night ideas will take Disney from the most magical place to the most passionate place on earth.

Disney parks are probably most well known as family-friendly vacation spots where you can get virtually any food in the shape of Mickey’s head, but they can be pretty romantic too. When you enter Disney’s gates, you leave the real world for one of make-believe and fantasy. It’s a world where two dogs can fall in love over a plate of spaghetti, and ladies lose their shoe at the end of the night for reasons other than having one too many drinks. We can’t promise you’ll find your one true love, but we can promise you’ll have a great time on these magical Disney date nights.

The Surprising Way to Deepen Your Travel Experiences

Weve experienced kuchisabishiithe act of mindlessly snacking not because were hungry, but because our mouth feels lonelyprobably more than a few times during this pandemic. We might recognize the feeling of dangubitiwhen weve spent another day being unproductive and purposelessduring a few of those hopeless quarantine days. Weve also probably felt resfebera rush of anxiety … Continued

10 Shortest Commercial Airline Flights in the World

Would you book a flight that lasts fewer than two minutes?

You have to arrive at least two hours before your flight and go through check-in, security, and immigration (if you’re traveling internationally). You wait to board, spend time while the air traffic controller clears the plane for take-off, and then you’re in the air. On landing, there’s taxiing, hold up for luggage, and security checks and immigration. Yes, flying is complicated and time-consuming; not to mention, it’s not exactly good for the environment.  So, would you go through all of this for a flight that lands before you can listen to even one full song, much less an entire album? 

9 Famously Unfinished Buildings Around the World

What a build up!

Architectural wonders are peppered around the world. Civilizations, emperors, and architects have left their stamps on their land. For some, the imprint didn’t make quite the mark and their dream buildings were left unfinished. There are a variety of different reasons for their non-success: lack of funds, unrealistic plans, wars, and epidemics. However, even incomplete, these buildings have become landmarks that attract tourists who want to know the history and the tragedy of what could have been.

What Do Vaccine Certificates in Different Countries Look Like?

Each country has a unique vaccine card.

Vaccine certificates are becoming increasingly common everywhere in the world. You need them to dine in restaurants, attend concerts, and travel internationally. Depending on where you live, you’ll have access to a physical card or a certificate uploaded in an app, and it’ll look different than what your friends in another part of the world are carrying. From a simple paper card with names and dates to a digital certificate with a QR code, here’s what governments around the world are issuing as proof of vaccination against COVID-19.