Monumento Nazionale dei Girolamini

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Monumento Nazionale dei Girolamini

Il Girolamini is another name for the Oratorians, followers of St. Philip Neri, to whom the splendid church I Girolamini is dedicated. The church is part of a larger complex managed as the Monumento Nazionale dei Girolamini. The Florentine architect Giovanni Antonio Dosio designed I Girolamini, which was erected between 1592 and 1619; the dome and facade were rebuilt (circa 1780) in the most elegant Neoclassical style after a design by Ferdinando Fuga. Inside the entrance wall is Luca Giordano's grandiose fresco (1684) of Christ chasing the money-changers from the temple. The intricate carved-wood ceiling, damaged by Allied bombs in 1943, has now been restored to its original magnificence.

The Oratorians also built the Casa dei Padri dell'Oratorio (House of the Oratorio Fathers). Step through its gate to see the two cloisters, from the 6th and the 17th centuries, the latter designed by Dosio and other Florentine architects. The gallery in this section contains 16th- and 17th-century paintings by Ribera, Reni, and other Baroque masters. One of Europe's most gloriously decorated 18th-century libraries, the Biblioteca dei Girolamini (Girolamini Library), is currently closed, but it helped make this an intellectual nexus during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The ticket office is on Via Duomo, behind the church.


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