Boutiques around the city center


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Boutiques around the city center

The best way to enjoy shopping in this city is definitely just wandering around the city centre, without a particular destination, since one of the narrow streets you are likely to wander through on your way might just hide that specialty boutique you've been looking for. For example, rue Sant-Vicens is one of the best places to find the finest pottery, furniture and carpets, while rue des Anges or rue Alsace Lorraine have a series of boutiques like Celini, offering an interesting choice of designer clothing.


Perpignan is the largest Catalan city (after Barcelona and Lleida) and is situated just outside of Spain. Consequently, the indigenous style of Catalan is greatly reflected in both textiles and pottery, which are among the most popular items for travellers to buy. For fresh produce, visit some of the local markets, and explore the fragrant and flavorful regional wines.