Le Tartard


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Le Tartard

Unique restaurant in the city, probably the best one to sample tartare and also other kinds of particular dishes such as the "tuna profiterole", accompanied by delicious French fries or vegetables. A must-try place that specializes on tartare, which always constitutes the main course.


In Perpignan, the food has Catalan influences and is always accompanied by great regional wines. Among the most popular items are snails smothered in garlic, salted smoked hams, and richly stuffed sausages - all to be sampled. Of course, fresh Mediterranean-style seafood is also available. The Old Town is stashed with lively venues. Quai Vauban (beside the canal) attracts those who look for a more romantic evening. Restaurants often offer good value set menus (carte du jour), but reservations may be necessary.