Backstreet shops of Tsukiji

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Backstreet shops of Tsukiji

If you have time for only one market, this is the one to see. The three square blocks between the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market and Harumi-dori have scores of fishmongers, but also shops and restaurants. Stores sell pickles, tea, crackers and snacks, cutlery (what better place to pick up a professional sushi knife?), baskets, and kitchenware. Hole-in-the-wall sushi bars here have set menus ranging from ¥1,000 to ¥2,100; look for the plastic models of food in glass cases out front. The area includes the row of little counter restaurants, barely more than street stalls, under the arcade along the east side of Shin-Ohashi-dori, each with its specialty. If you haven't had breakfast by this point in your walk, stop for maguro donburi—a bowl of fresh raw tuna slices served over rice and garnished with bits of dried seaweed. Some 100 of the small retailers and restaurants in this area are members of the Tsukiji Meiten-kai (Association of Notable Shops) and promote themselves by selling illustrated maps of the area for ¥50; the maps are all in Japanese, but with proper frames they make great souvenirs. As of this writing, the fish market had plans to move to a nearby island in Tokyo Bay in late 2016, and it's unclear what will happen to these streets once the move occurs. Check the Tokyo tourism website before making plans to visit.


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