When trying to decide what to do when you visit in England, the problem is not the lack of choices. The problems is actually that there are too many choices. There are no limitations to fun when you visit, so be sure to allow plenty of time. The rush of cosmopolitan life meets bucolic splendor in perfect harmony here with grand opportunities for unique experiences along the way.

It goes without saying that England can’t be “done” without giving London its fair share of time. First and obviously sought by all is Buckingham Palace. The mystery of a monarchy never ceases to intrigue. From there it takes no time at all to recognize the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben. Toward the center of the city you’ll also find St. Paul’s Cathdral, London Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Borough Market and the Tower Bridge. History and stunning architecture resound here. History aside, however, London has a contemporary vibe that can’t be denied. Oxford Street offers all the newest trends, foodies delight in unique gastronomic inventions, and the art at Tate Modern just absolutely shouts present-day appeal.

One of the most exciting opportunities when visiting England is taking a step back in time. This journey through history tracks the rise and falls of empires up through modern day democracy, and not just by viewing artifacts preserved behind museum glass. The unsolved histories of Stonehenge’s 5,000-year-old have intrigued visitors for generations with their mystique. Legendary sites beckon British literature buffs, such as the famous oak in Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, the city of Canterbury for fans of Chaucer and Dickens, or Jane Austen’s long-time residence in Chawton. Avid fans of history will also delight in the many palaces and medieval fortresses scattered throughout England, while thatched roofs and thousand-year-old cathedrals give you a sense of feeling settled in another place in time.

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